Chapelle de la Resurrection Choir

About Us

Resurrection Choir is the choir of Chapelle de La Resurrection. Our vision is explained in the vision of RCCG which is:
– To make heaven
– To take as many people as possible with us
– To make a member of RCCG in all nations of the world.
As disciples of Christ, our mission is to glorify God in our singing, praising, worship, and dancing.
We are glad to inform you that by the grace of Mighty God the choir welcome every one who will love and have passion to join to accomplish the vision and our mission.

Choir Leader

Dedicated to the work of the Kingdom in the service of God, my goal as a leader is to build relationships that will meet the requirements of the will of God to better serve him and lead His people. With motivation, guidance, plan, vision, direction, communication, I believe there’s always a solution in any situation. Together in one while caring for each other, we will be overcomers by the grace of our Lord who is our strength. ~ Pierre Mubohe (Bro. Peter)

Singing for God is our main Goal

Praise & Worship

As a choir we want to motivate the new generation to become great leaders through our adoration. Our mission is to create a zeal for proclaiming the Word of God globally by starting to lead people right here in the heart of Gatineau. Being inspired by the Holy Spirit, we aspire to be messengers of the good news of the Lord through our ministration

Upcoming events

Saturday, July 30,2022
FROM 10AM to 6PM

Sunday, September 4,2022

Workshops & Rehearsal

The choir believes in working hard to achieve better results with God and within ourselves. Spending time together with the whole team in practice, prayer and consistent learning is one of the main key to the result which we aspire to acquire. We are inspired by many types of music from different Christians artists, Gospel music, Rhythms and languages. We are lead with the Holy Spirit. Do you have a passion to learn? Complete the Choir Member Application Form below and let us know how we can contact you.




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